Old Turbines Get a Second Wind

Jan. 28
– Waiting for the political structure to actually make changes can be frustrating. One way to speed up your own personal carbon-reduction is to band together with friends, neighbors, organizations for collaborative actions, which can include community gardens, car-pooling systems, and more. Here is a chance to get renewable energy at a reduced cost- buy used wind turbines as a group!  If you cut your power usage to 1kw- do this anyway, many people have- and you get a 25kw turbine that costs around $17,000, sharing with 25 neighbors, you could possibly pay less than a grand! Worth looking into. Get your creative juices flowing and your groups moving. Not everything can be top-down. – Editor
Old Turbines Get a Second Wind
Wind energy technology has advanced so much in recent decades that a handful of larger, more efficient turbines can now do the same job as hundreds of smaller turbines, allowing utilities to squeeze more electricity out of the same area of land. That means that many owners of wind farms built during the California wind rush of the 1980s are starting to upgrade their equipment ” and in the process, they are expected to send thousands of worn-out, old machines to the scrap heap over the next five to 10 years. But a growing number of new companies are snapping up the old turbines on the cheap, overhauling the systems and reselling them to farmers or other community wind developers at bargain prices. A new turbine runs in the range of $1,400 to $1,600 per kilowatt of generating capacity, which translates to at least $1.4 million for a 1 megawatt turbine, said Mr. Stein. Nexion sells remanufactured 25-kilowatt to 500-kilowatt turbines for about $700 to $800 per kilowatt. Their customers also only wait about two months for a rebuilt machine, compared to the year-long ” or more ” waiting lists for new turbines.

refurbished wind turbines

From one manufacturer’s website: We focus on bringing affordable, inexhaustable wind power to the local level. Our machines are larger and much more cost effective than residential-scale turbines – perfect for supplying clean electricity to farms, ranches, industrial parks, commercial complexes and small neighborhoods. We offer financing plans for both individual and clustered turbines. http://aeronauticawind.com/aw/index.htm  Article includes names of other companies as well.
If wind is not an option, here is a blog on cautions in selecting used solar panels- still worth considering in some circumstances. http://solar.calfinder.com/blog/products/refurbished-solar-panels-worth-considering/